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For Eracore, Quality is more than a commitment—it's a Legacy

ERACORE is a leader in offering electrical engineering and BIM/VDC solutions. We elevate electrical contractors’ skills and market position with our efficient shop drawings and BIM design services. We promise to encourage success and boost the reputation of our partners by delivering innovative and excellent services.

Muhammad Zekic

Founder of Eracore

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We use our expertise to offer comprehensive electrical engineering and BIM/VDC solutions

10 Years Experience

With 10 years of industry experience, Eracore has established a legacy of trust and expertise. Our journey reflects a commitment to innovation and excellence in every project

Industrial Standards  

Eracore consistently endorses the highest industrial standards, ensuring each project meets excellent quality benchmarks. Our focus on excellence sets the bar for industry practices.


As of 2023, Eracore continues to lead with innovation, implementing standardized tools and strategies that redefine electrical contracting and design services


2020 marked an essential period for Eracore as we expanded our BIM/VDC solutions, adapting to the evolving needs of electrical contractors with agility


2015, we significantly succeeded in technology integration, enhancing our electrical engineering capabilities and setting new industry benchmarks

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Our team at Eracore is a dynamic suite of seasoned professionals and innovative minds dedicated to delivering excellence in every project. Meet the experts who are the driving force behind our industry-leading solutions







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