BIM Services 

Partnering with contractors and designers to provide accurate plumbing BIM 3D models, shop drawings, and plumbing drafting for seamless project coordination.  

Providing Plumbing
BIM Excellence

Increase your project productivity with value-engineered plumbing BIM services that convert detailed plumbing designs into accurate Revit plumbing models. Whether you’re a plumbing contractor, consultant, construction firm, or design-build company, you benefit from highly detailed Revit 3D plumbing models that enhance design optimization, detailing, quantity takeoff, fabrication, and installation of plumbing systems. Enjoy seamless coordination and interference checks among trades through automated clash detection using advanced tools like AutoCAD and Navisworks. Elevate your project’s efficiency and accuracy with expert plumbing modeling services.

Plumbing BIM Coordination Services 

Our Plumbing BIM Coordination Services provide 3D BIM modeling of the entire Plumbing distribution system up to Level of Detail (LOD) 400. These 3D models ensure perfect coordination of the Plumbing system with other disciplines, such as electrical and mechanical, guaranteeing a clash-free installation. Also, our experienced team of project coordinators can represent your company virtually at coordination meetings.
For Plumbing BIM Coordination, we use advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM)software and cloud services such as Navisworks, Revizto, Autodesk Construction Cloud, and BIM360 to ensure our models are well-coordinated with other trades. These 3D models help us create accurate, annotated shop drawings, making submission and installation seamless.

Benefits of Our
Plumbing BIM Services 

Enhanced Coordination

Our Plumbing BIM services facilitate accurate and comprehensive coordination with Electrical, and Mechanical services. This minimizes potential conflict during the construction phase and helps ensure seamless project progression. 

Project Profitability

Our expert Plumbing BIM Modelers maximize the project’s profitability by responsibly reducing labor and material costs. Our strategic approach reduces unnecessary expenditures, optimizes resources, and ensures that your construction project benefits from increased accuracy. 

Unmatched Accuracy

By developing Revit Plumbing 3D models for Plumbing systems, our team can pinpoint potential problems prior to construction, which facilitates efficient planning and minimizes the necessity for expensive corrections later on. 

Improved Visualization

Our Plumbing BIM models offer a precise and vivid depiction of Plumbing systems, enabling clients to gain a clearer understanding of the design and spot potential problems at an early stage. 

Scalable Team

We promise unrivalled quality by recruiting exceptionally qualified Plumbing BIM professionals and undertaking rigorous training programs. We stand ready to be your one and only outsourcing associate, drawing from our vast resources and tireless dedication to developing fresh engineering talent.  

Three-tier Quality Check

We scrutinized your Plumbing bim models through three internal checks, guaranteeing error-free deliverables. Each step, from detailed reviews to value-engineered drawings, is designed to eliminate unnecessary costs while ensuring high quality.  

Eracore's Plumbing

BIM Solutions

Our Plumbing BIM Services offer comprehensive 3D models and shop drawings for effective planning and management of all plumbing installations. 

Our Shop Drawings Include:

Plumbing Riser Layout

Based on design intent, our plumbing BIM team designs riser layouts that clearly label and annotate the drawing with dimensions, pipe sizes, equipment tags, and other necessary information.  Our shop drawings include symbols and legends to indicate different types of pipes, fittings, valves, and other components.

Underground Layout

We draft the layouts of the underground drainage, supply line, and venting system. By considering the pipe sizes, routing, connections, and any necessary fittings or valves, we ensure that the supply lines are properly sized to provide adequate water flow and pressure. Our plumbing BIM team also ensures proper slope for drainage lines, correct pipe sizing, and appropriate venting connections.  

Overhead Piping Distribution

We ensure accurate and precise plumbing system layout and minimize errors and rework during installation. Our coordinated overhead piping drawing complies with local building codes and regulations, drastically enhancing the project’s planning and execution.

Sleeves and Penetration

Our qualified plumbing professionals and engineers will ensure that the plumbing sleeve is placed correctly and meets your project’s specific requirements. They can provide guidance based on local codes and industry best practices.    

Need a Proposal NOW?

Need a Proposal NOW?

Frequently asked


How can you help if I already have an internal Plumbing BIM team?
Yes, most of our partners have internal teams. When they reach capacity and are met with aggressive deadlines, we become an extension of their team, providing back-end support. 
Do I need to provide directions and submit redlines?
No. Our engineers can work independently to provide the most optimal routing for the system, optimizing labor efficiency and material cost. 
Can you handle coordination and sit in the meetings?

Yes, as long as they are virtual, our experienced team of Project Coordinators can represent your company professionally at the coordination meetings.

What do you need from me to get started?

Send us a set of design drawings and scope requirements and we’ll price it for you within a week.

How soon can you start?
We have many resources and can allocate multiple resources to your project tomorrow.
We have already started the project and may need some additional help. Can you jump halfway?

Yes, we can take on a project that has already started and help you get out of the pinch you’re in.  

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