Point Cloud to

BIM Services 

Accelerate renovations with accurate as-built point cloud to BIM modelling services for faster and cost-efficient Projects.

Providing Advanced Point Cloud to BIM Services 

Utilizing advanced technologies, our dedicated point cloud to BIM team transforms point cloud data into intelligent BIM models, ensuring every detail is meticulously captured and accurately represented. Serving architects, contractors, and MEP professionals, Eracore delivers intelligent as-built models with detailed building data. Specializing in Scan to BIM Services, we transform laser scan data into precise 3D models and seamlessly integrate scanned data into Revit for optimized collaboration and construction processes. We process millions of data points in 3D space with exceptional accuracy, converting point cloud data into Revit As-Built 3D models with a tolerance of up to 5mm.  

Benefits of our
Point Cloud to BIM Services: 

Improved Visualization

Our Point Cloud to BIM services offer a precise and vivid depiction of construction and architectural projects, enabling clients to understand the design better and spot potential problems early. This approach aligns seamlessly with our meticulously crafted renovation plans and efficient execution driven by accurate 3D modeling. 

Three-tier Quality Check

We scrutinize your 3D BIM models through three internal checks, guaranteeing error-free deliverables. Each step, from detailed reviews to value-engineered drawings, is designed to eliminate unnecessary costs while ensuring high quality. Our coordinated, clash-free, and quality-checked point cloud to 3D BIM models ensure that every aspect of your project is meticulously examined and refined for optimal performance and accuracy.

Scalable Team

We promise unrivalled quality by recruiting exceptionally qualified BIM professionals and undertaking rigorous training programs. Our expert BIM team offers an enhanced understanding of area geometry and spatial calculations through a comprehensive 3D BIM model.

Our Point Cloud to

BIM Services 

Our Plumbing BIM Services offer comprehensive 3D models and shop drawings for effective planning and management of all plumbing installations. 

Our Point Cloud to BIM Services Offer:

Point Cloud to CAD

Converting point cloud data to CAD involves creating detailed 2D or 3D CAD models by tracing and snapping to the point cloud to ensure accuracy. This process involves manual and automated tools to refine and model the data.  

Point Cloud to BIM

Our Point Cloud to BIM Services ensures accurate digital representation of existing conditions by capturing real-time data for renovations, retrofitting, new construction, and facility management. We use this data to create detailed 3D BIM models with high-precision architectural, structural, and MEP elements.

Point Cloud to Mesh

We ensure accurate and precise plumbing system layout and minimize errors and rework during installation. Our coordinated overhead piping drawing complies with local building codes and regulations, drastically enhancing the project’s planning and execution.

Point Cloud to Revit family Creation  

Using high-quality laser scanning and Autodesk Revit’s comprehensive tools, we create customized BIM models from point clouds with detail levels ranging from LOD 100 to 400, accurately reproducing the geometry and details of scanned environments

As-Built Drawings and Drafting

Eracore specializes in delivering detailed as-built drawings and drafting services for various sectors. It utilizes advanced 3D laser scanning and tools like Revit and ArchiCAD to create customized digital documents up to LOD 400

Our Point Cloud to BIM Services specializes in following projects:

Commercial Buildings

Educational Institute 

Residential Buildings

Renovation, Refurbishment and Retrofit Projects 

Building Extension, Demolition & Maintenance Projects 

Facility Management Projects

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Frequently asked


What distinguishes a Point Cloud to BIM model from a standard BIM model?
Point Cloud models offer accurate and detailed data of existing structures and are especially useful for renovation work; meanwhile, BIM models deliver an extensive digital representation of construction projects.
Is it possible to bring Point Cloud scan data into Revit?
Yes! The Point Cloud to BIM modeling process enables the integration of scanned data into multiple compatible BIM applications, with Revit being the most frequently utilized software for this purpose.
What is Point Cloud to BIM?
BIM scanning, also referred to as Scan to BIM or Point Cloud to BIM, involves using a 3D laser scanning device to capture data from an existing building or structure. This scanned information is then transformed into a 3D BIM model, providing a detailed virtual representation and as-built details of the building.
What's the process for transforming Point Cloud data into a BIM model?
You can transform Point Cloud data into a BIM model using software such as Revit or AutoCAD. The process begins by importing the Point Cloud data, aligning it with the project’s coordinate system, and then creating the building elements according to the scanned data.
In what scenarios can Point Cloud Scan to BIM services be utilized?
Point Cloud modeling is used in design stages, construction activities, and facilities management and renovation to guarantee precise documentation and adherence to safety standards.

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