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Save project costs and time with tailored CAD Design and Drafting Services.

CAD Drafting Services
CAD Design and Drafting Services

Providing expert CAD
Design and Drafting

With over ten years of industry experience, we collaborate with owners, contractors, and designers, transforming their workflows with innovative technology. Our dedicated team of engineers, designers and skilled 2D/3D CAD drafting professionals strive to bring your conceptual ideas to life. With our extensive knowledge in construction design, along with significant experience in CAD outsourcing, we help companies enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, optimize resources, and maximize profits.

Benefits of our
CAD Drafting Services

Unmatched Accuracy

By developing CAD drawings for contractors and designers, our team can pinpoint potential problems before construction, facilitating efficient planning and minimizing the necessity for expensive corrections later on.

Improved Visualization

Our CAD designs offer a precise and vivid depiction of construction and architectural projects, enabling clients to understand the design better and spot potential problems early.

Scalable Team

We promise unrivalled quality by recruiting exceptionally qualified CAD drafters and designers and undertaking rigorous training programs. We stand ready to be your only outsourcing associate, drawing from our vast resources and tireless dedication to developing fresh engineering talent. 

Three-tier Quality Check

We scrutinized your CAD designs through three internal checks, guaranteeing error-free deliverables. Each step, from detailed reviews to value-engineered drawings, is designed to eliminate unnecessary costs while ensuring high quality.  

Eracore's CAD

Drafting Services

Our CAD Drafting Services offer:

MEP CAD Drafting Services

Our skilled CAD team offers its expertise in MEP CAD drafting and detailing, serving contractors and consultants in building services such as electrical, mechanical, fire safety, public health, and plumbing. We ensure that our CAD drawings comply with the specific standards and styles of different clients and locations. Our skilled coordinators possess a deep knowledge of building services and an understanding of how these services are influenced by architectural and structural factors.

We are proficient in transforming marked-up images and drawings into detailed MEP CAD drawings used by electrical and mechanical engineers, as well as contractors and consultants.

Architectural CAD Drafting Services

We provide high-quality architectural drafting services using advanced drafting tools to produce quick and error-free architectural drawings. Our CAD team, comprised of AutoCAD-certified professionals, utilizes CAD and Revit drafting from the initial concept to the final realization to offer precise architectural CAD drafting services and detailed engineering drawings tailored to specific project requirements.

Our accurate CAD drafting services and coordinated drawings help architects secure faster approvals. We transform PDF files or 2D designs into architectural drawings, assisting architects, designers, realtors, developers, homeowners, contractors, and building managers in achieving accurate results on the first attempt, staying within budget, and maintaining efficient timelines.

Structural CAD Drafting Services  

Accuracy is key to our structural CAD drafting and detailing services, establishing Eracore as the go-to provider for a wide range of clients, including leading steel fabricators. We offer value-engineered structural CAD drafting services in the USA for both commercial and residential properties.

Our skilled structural CAD drafting team deliver high-quality structural design and detailing. We specialize in creating detailed structural construction document sets in CAD for submission, in compliance with global standards like AISC, and ANSI. With our capable team, we meet varied design and CAD drafting needs at budget-friendly, affordable prices.

Need a Proposal NOW?

Need a Proposal NOW?

Frequently asked


How can you help if I already have an internal CAD Drafting team?
Yes, most of our partners have internal teams. When they reach capacity and are met with aggressive deadlines, we become an extension of their team, providing back-end support. 
Do I need to provide directions and submit redlines?
No. Our engineers can work independently to provide the most optimal routing for the system, optimizing labor efficiency and material cost. 
Can you handle coordination and sit in the meetings?

Yes, as long as they are virtual, our experienced team of Project Coordinators can represent your company professionally at the coordination meetings.

What do you need from me to get started?

Send us a set of design drawings and scope requirements and we’ll price it for you within a week.

How soon can you start?
We have many resources and can allocate multiple resources to your project tomorrow.
We have already started the project and may need some additional help. Can you jump halfway?

Yes, we can take on a project that has already started and help you get out of the pinch you’re in.  

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