7 Common BIM Outsourcing Mistakes Contractors Must Avoid


Ever felt like your BIM outsourcing project is a wild roller coaster ride with too many twists and turns? You’re not alone!

Even the most experienced general contractors can fall into the same seven common traps.

In this blog, I will explain the seven most common mistakes general contractors make while choosing a BIM team. Some of these mistakes reflect the experiences of our most trusted clients, who encountered problems while working with other BIM outsourcing companies.

So, are you ready to avoid those costly mistakes and keep your project on track?

Let’s dive in and make BIM outsourcing a breeze!

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Why Contractors choose BIM?

Outsourcing BIM services is trending in the AEC industry as it speeds up construction processes. I recently went through research that the BIM market was valued at $7.8 billion in 2023. And it is expected to reach $22.03 billion by 2031!  Crazy, right?

It’s no wonder almost every AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) firm is hopping on the BIM train for their projects. Here are some primary reasons why general contractors prefer BIM in their projects.

  • Delivers a high-quality model
  • Reduce labor and material costs
  • Increase accuracy and efficiency
  • Optimize workflows
  • Better teamwork and communication

That is why about 45% of general contracting firms in the US regularly outsource their BIM services, and this trend is becoming more popular over time.

7 BIM Outsourcing Mistake to Avoid

1) Overlooking BIM Experience

One big mistake when outsourcing BIM services is not digging deep into the provider’s experience and skills. Make sure to check out their past and current projects and see how well they know Revit and BIM 3d modeling. Look for a company that has been doing this for years and ask for client feedback to verify their claims. Word-of-mouth can be super helpful, too. Also, they must stay updated with the latest tech and automation to avoid manual errors and speed up your project. A scalable and skilled BIM team can make your designs more efficient and boost ROI.

2) Ignoring Time Frames

When outsourcing your BIM services, time management is one of the most important factors to consider. Adhering to deadlines is vital in construction since BIM 3d modeling is a foundational step in building structures. Seek out BIM 3d modeling services that consistently meet deadlines and have a proven track record of punctuality. Review customer testimonials and online reviews to verify their claims about timely project completion.

3) Overlooking their Costs

Successfully executing a BIM project takes a lot of knowledge and effort. When quoting costs, look carefully at the price in relation to the resources and services provided. Don’t be lured by firms offering cheap BIM outsourcing, as they might not be skilled and could compromise quality. Instead, choose BIM experts with a fair pricing strategy that aligns with your budget.

4) Disregarding their Resources

The success of any company hinges on its employees. The more skilled your BIM team is, the better your company will do. When looking for the right BIM team, pay attention to the quality of their BIM modelers, designers, architects, and engineers. Take the time to check out their skills, experience, and knowledge. It’s a good idea to ask for their skill certifications, do a background check to confirm their expertise in the field, get feedback from their past clients, and maybe even run a quick test to see their BIM knowledge. Also, make sure they can deliver your project within the deadline.

5) Not Verifying their Credibility

It’s important to check a BIM company’s accreditations and certifications to protect your project from scammers. Look for BIM service providers that are affiliated with reputable bodies and follow the proper BIM standards for designing and modeling. Trustworthy firms have the skills to create strong solutions for your projects, cutting down on rework and delivering accurate 3d models. Try finding client endorsements and reviews on reliable websites to gauge their credibility.

6) Failing to Cater for Tailor-made and Scalable Solutions

Your BIM outsourcing partner should fulfill all your project requirements and provide the flexibility to add or modify modeling components in the future. They should excel in realizing your vision and crafting unique, scalable solutions tailored to your needs. They should also offer you the most insightful, accurate, speedy, deliverable, and profitable modeling options.

7) Poor coordination and communication gaps

When choosing a BIM team, make sure they prioritize 24/7 communication and support. You should feel comfortable discussing your ideas and weighing the pros and cons of the project together. They must be transparent about their plans for bringing your project to life. Plus, they should always keep you in the loop about any changes in your modeling, maintaining a professional yet collaborative approach.


In conclusion, selecting the right BIM outsourcing partner is crucial for the success of your construction projects. By avoiding the seven common traps outlined in this blog, you can ensure smoother project execution and improved ROI. Carefully evaluate a BIM team’s experience, timeliness, cost structure, resources, credibility, ability to offer tailored solutions, and communication skills. By doing so, you’ll be well-prepared to enjoy the numerous benefits BIM outsourcing offers.
Well, knowing these mistakes is one thing. Avoiding these mistakes to deliver profitable projects is another.

That is why General Contractors Prefer Eracore!

With our skilled, scalable BIM team, we carefully analyse your requirements and develop standards tailored to your project needs. Our internal teams verify your designs through three rigorous internal checks to ensure quality before delivering them ahead of the deadline.

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